LED luminaire for vertical crops - Horti VT

Horti CB VT is a luminaire dedicated for vertical crops. It has carefully selected spectrum, which includes all the colors from the PAR range. The luminaires emit light with a white color, friendly to the human eye. They best meet the needs of plants grown in vertical greenhouses.

Horti CB VT vertical luminaires work in the modulated light source mode - a modulated light flux, which guarantees the best energy management inside the plant, minimizes stress and reduces the operating costs for the user to a minimum. Pulse lighting has a very good impact on the development and growth of plants.

Name Power Luminous flux
Horti CB VT 300W/30W 915 μmol/s
miniaturka Horti CB VT


Oprawy LED do szklarni wertykalnych
IK 09

Installation: suspended
Working temperature: -20°C… + 40°C
Lifetime L90B10: 70 000h
Power factor:> 0.97
Housing: PC

Modulated light source


The patented modulated light flux allows to maximize the efficiency of photosynthesis by enabling the regeneration of the photosynthetic apparatus.


Name L H W Weight
Horti CB VT 1240 50 40 0,7 kg
Power Supply 400 39 43 0,65 kg
Horti VT - oprawa led wertykalna

In the basic version the luminaire is delivered as a set of 10 bars (30W each) with one external power supply.