LED luminaire for vertical crops – Horti 2 VT

Horti 2 VT is a luminaire designed to illuminate vertical crops. Its design is a set of 10 tubes made of PC and an external aluminum power supply/controller. The individual tubes are connected to each other linearly by a cable fitted with connectors for quick installation. In addition, the luminaires can be equipped with an on / off switch, which allows you to turn the lamps off or on as needed.

The complete set comes with an external power supply with integrated proprietary software. The controller adjusts the power of the set depending on the number of active luminaires. In addition, the controller has a function for individual power adjustment – 10 levels, each level allows power reduction / dimming by 10%.

The Horti 2 VT lighting, uses a patented plant illumination system that is unique on a global scale. Depending on the choice of spectrum, the luminaire can be used for different types of crops.




  • Power supply: 230 V AC / 50-60 Hz
  • Ambient temperature range +5°C… +40°C
  • Lifetime L90B50: above 70 000 h
  • Power factor: >0,90 (full power)
  • Installation: suspended
  • Housing: PC, aluminium (power module)
  • Cooling system: passive
  • Warranty: 5 years


Choice of spectrum depending on the intended use

Each of our luminaires has the option to select any spectrum depending on its intended use. Horti 2 luminaires provide visually white light that is safe for the eyes. However, they are enhanced with LEDs of different colours to suit the needs and ways of growing plants. For this purpose, we use diodes from reputable brands such as Osram, Samsung and Lumileds. We have developed three types of spectrum based on the latest scientific research, and consultations with specialists.


The CB spectrum is based on a spectrum composed, in effect, of white light. It is primarily dedicated to the cultivation of Cannabis.


Spectrum A is based on the colours of the blue spectrum, which significantly influences development in the early stages of plant growth. Its application brings the best results in the cultivation of seedlings.


Spectrum B is based on the colour of the red spectrum, brings the best results for plant growth – in greenhouse cultivation.


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Have questions or concerns? Contact our design department, which will explain all the issues and prepare a lighting project dedicated to your crops using Horti 2 VT luminaires – taking into account all important factors for the proper development of crops.