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We are a manufacturer of LED lighting, which entered the Polish domestic market with a specific vision of operation. We offer modern solutions in the field of lighting installations - both in terms of technology, materials and design. Each luminaire we create is designed with functionality and energy efficiency in mind. That is why we offer LED outdoor lighting, as well as industrial, office and public institution lamps based on this technology. Our products are made entirely in Poland, which allows us to maintain full control over the production process. They are covered by a five-year warranty. They also bear the ENEC quality certificate, which confirms that they meet European safety standards.
Our team of specialized engineers, designers, electronics and electricians works on a skilful combination of individual elements so that the finished products meet the expectations of the market. At the same time, we have our own laboratory, the support of which is eagerly used by the dynamic design and development department. The highest quality of our luminaires, as well as attractive design are just some of the advantages of the offered products. Every day we strive to improve the technologies we use, and the pulsation method we developed has been registered with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

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Available include standard LED lamps, floodlights, linear and decorative flush-mounted fixtures, as well as various types of specialized lighting - such as those with increased resistance to high temperatures and mechanical damage. In addition, we have a wide range of lamps for illuminating crops, including LED lamps for growing hemp. Specifications and detailed information are described on the site - however, if you need help in selecting lighting, our company will immediately provide professional support. At the same time, we would like to inform you that for many products it is possible to make luminaires with other parameters.


Discover a unique series of HORTI luminaires

Our Horti 2 series lamps use innovative pulsed light technology (6s/8s) to ensure optimal conditions for plant growth and development. It is the ideal solution for growers who want to not lose on the quality and quantity of their harvest with almost 50% energy savings.

External lighting of a Polish manufacturer

The lighting fixtures offered by our company are created based on original designs and modern construction solutions. Lighting production takes place in a modern plant located near Wroclaw. We are one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor lighting. We have prepared a wide range of outdoor LED luminaires for our customers. For illuminating private properties, business premises and public places. All outdoor LED luminaires of our production have been tested for resistance to damage and weathering. You will find elegant and functional park luminaires, perfect for illuminating alleys, squares or gardens. We also offer specialized floodlights for illuminating sports fields and other sports facilities. Our offer also includes a number of models that will allow you to expose the facade of a building or advertising billboards.

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Our Customers' Opinions

By providing luminaires for modernization of road lighting, lighting for recreational areas as well as luminaires for new lighting investments in the municipality of Długołęka Perfand LED confirmed the high quality of their products, reliability and punctual delivery. Luminaires met our expectations due to very good lighting parameters, reasonable price and faultless operation.
Perfand LED lighting is very well suited for lighting sports facilities. The luminaires have a very good shock resistance as well as very high efficiency, which translates into real savings in electricity and a positive impact on the natural environment.
(...) I recommend the company Perfand Led Andrzej Trawiński as a reliable and professional partner in the scope of supply of lighting fixtures. The investment in the warehouse hall based on the lighting produced by Perfand Led was carried out efficiently and reliably. The standards in force in the company fully meet our expectations. Perfand Led ensures fast information flow, service by experienced and professional specialists in both design and commercial areas. LED lighting meets our expectations and all normative requirements. Thanks to the use of high efficiency luminaires, designed by Perfand Led, our company significantly reduced the energy consumption and costs of electricity. Therefore I can openly recommend Perfand Led as a professional and trustworthy partner in the field of lighting.
With full responsibility I recommend Perfand LED Andrzej Trawiński as reliable and professional supplier of luminaires. Investments in warehouses, production halls, offices and social rooms based on lighting produced by Perfand LED were carried out efficiently and reliably. Company standards fully meet our expectations. Perfand LED ensures fast information flow and professional service both in design and commercial areas. LED lighting meets our expectations and all normative requirements. Thanks to the use of high efficiency luminaires designed by Perfand LED, our company has significantly reduced electricity consumption and costs. In connection with the above, I can openly recommend Perfand LED as a professional and trustworthy partner in the field of lighting.
The investment in the luminaires for tennis courts in Brzeg Dolny based on lighting produced by Perfand Led was carried out efficiently and reliably. This project included delivery of the fixtures Foria 3 340W, 56100lm.

Manufacturer of lighting fixtures for special applications

Our specialty is also the production of lighting fixtures for plant cultivation and those that perform well even in harsh conditions. We manufacture LED luminaires for high temperatures, with high resistance to mechanical damage, as well as for use in places where they may be exposed to adverse weather and chemical agents. We also provide a wide range of luminaires for manufacturing and processing plants.
Our luminaires are distinguished by their exceptional efficiency of up to 200 lm/W. They emit a large amount of light while consuming little electricity. Thus, they allow significant savings while maintaining optimal lighting parameters of the facility. Choosing our luminaires is also a step towards ecology. This is because they do not emit harmful substances, and the amount of heat and carbon dioxide generated by them are negligible.

Electricity bills too high?

LED lighting is first and foremost economical and environmentally friendly, making them a far better option than traditional incandescent bulbs. We also go to great lengths to extend the life of our lamps, conducting detailed research at the stage of design and construction of luminaires and power supplies. At the same time, as a manufacturer, we provide attractive prices for our customers. We strive to increase the comfort of life by introducing modern and ecological solutions in the issue of LED lighting. Therefore, we encourage you to check our offer and invite you to cooperate with us.
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