Our factory is located in Trzebnica near Wrocław.

The originator and owner of the company is Andrzej Trawiński. Thanks to a comprehensive approach, the manufacturing process of LED luminaires includes electronic design and production (printed circuits with led diodes, power supplies) - production of lighting fixtures (production is based on own technical know-how)

Lighting fixtures of Perfand Led

in addition to modern design they also stand out with energy efficiency - with very low power consumption they emit very large amounts of light (up to 200 lm / W). Thanks to this, you can save money and be more ECO.
Perfand Led luminaires are designed for use both: in the interior - offices, production halls, warehouses and for outside lighting like parking lots, squares, streets, sports facilities or school areas. In addition, we specialize in production of special-purpose luminaires, eg plant lighting, twisted fittings for mounting in difficult conditions, and binding for prisons.
So that you can be longer EKO, we give you a 5-year warranty.
We protect our ideas thus creating our own know-how. The fittings produced in Perfand LED are reserved in the Patent Office in order to ensure their uniqueness and originality.
Our speed is your asset. We make every effort to ensure that orders are processed in the shortest possible time.


Perfand LED is not just lighting fixtures.

The most important factor in Perfand Led is people. Specialist staff: engineers, designers, electronic engineers and electricians, each day thanks to the use of the latest technologies and knowledge, participate in creating unique lighting fixtures with extremely high functional parameters adapted to the requirements of individual clients and industries. The staff is the foundation of our company and give you a guarantee, trust and satisfaction.


In the design process of our lighting fixtures and devices, we use the latest technology achievements. Our activities are based on the latest software.

The department creates designs with unique parameters and unique shapes of fixtures that distinguish PERFAND LED on the market.

The design of each fixture is subjected to a series of temperature tests so that the level of heat dissipation is as high as possible. The life of the LEDs is determined by the temperature, which is why we pay so much attention to it. We have a team of highly qualified specialists who design and execute projects of various electronic circuits and printed circuits without which modern and energy-efficient LED luminaires would be impossible to produce. All projects are made using one of the best tools for this purpose - Altium Designer.

Power Supply

The success of our solutions is also based on the power supplies of our construction. In our LED factory’s laboratory each newly created product is thoroughly tested, because, apart from high quality, our priority is to ensure safety in the usage of lighting fixtures. Experience and reliability in adapting to the requirements of EU directives is the foundation for any project that is being developed at Perfand LED.
All projects are carried out by highly qualified specialists who have extensive experience in designing a variety of electronic circuits and printed circuits. The design of each LED luminaire is subjected to a series of temperature tests so that the level of heat dissipation is as high as possible. As we mentioned, the life of LEDs is determined by the temperature, which is why we pay so much attention to it.


In the Perfand Led’s laboratory, every day, we try to make you more ECO. Using the latest technologies, our engineers, designers, electronic engineers and electricians, are constantly raising standards, so that you can be sure that by buying lighting from Perfand Led, you keep the highest quality product in hand.
Each newly created product is thoroughly tested in terms of safety according to the requirements of EU directives. Extremely high technical parameters of our LED luminaires are confirmed by external factors. Everything for you and for the protection of the natural environment.
Our latest designs are always thoroughly researched, from prototype to finished product. In tests, we use modern equipment for electrical and photometric measurements: a spectrophotometer, a photometric sphere and standardized lux meters. In order to ensure safety, we use thermal imaging cameras to assess the temperature of the fixtures and the designed electronic circuits.


During the production of your LEDs, we use the latest device technologies.


Our company aims to increase the comfort of people's lives through the use and continuous improvement of modern and environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR is carried out in areas related to employees, suppliers, customers, local community and environmental protection. Within the company, we apply the principles of mutual relations and cooperation between employees. These rules are included in the relevant company documents. We constantly conduct activities aimed at: - supporting the local community - supporting sport-related initiatives in rural areas - we conduct educational activities in the field of environmental protection and the use of modern technologies in the field of lighting (conferences, meetings).