LED luminaire for cannabis cultivation - Horti CB +

The Horti series luminaires are designed to illuminate greenhouse and indoor crops. Horti CB+ has a specialized spectrum that is most commonly used in cannabis cultivation.

Thanks to the use of a unique solution, modulated light source, Horti luminaires are maximally efficient and economical. Modulated lighting has a significant impact on the development and growth rate of plants.

Name Power Luminous flux
Horti CB+ 1200 270W/20W 570 μmol/s
Horti CB+ 900 200W/20W 422 μmol/s
Horti CB+ 600 130W/20W 275 μmol/s
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LED lighting for plant growth

Shutter: transparent
Installation: suspended
Working temperature: -20°C… + 40°C
Lifetime L90B10: 70,000h
Power factor:> 0.97
Housing: aluminum, tempered glass, PC



The use of a luminaire emitting light smoothly pulsating provides periodic reduced intensity, which allows for the regeneration of the photosynthetic apparatus and ensures its better preparation for receiving and effective use of light with a higher intensity. In this way, the plant`s 'energy management' becomes more efficient.

The patented modulated lighting mode guarantees maximum savings in electricity consumption in relation to permanent LED lighting.

AURE HORTI CB + in comparative side by side tests with HPS (dual), CFL and other manufacturers LED luminaires showed:
- greater density and volume of flowers, high harvest level, reaching 1.8-2.1 g / W
- growth acceleration
- no deficiencies in the plant (throughout the growth phase)
- reduction of the distance of internodes
- increased production of terpenes and trichomes
- higher content of cannabinoids confirmed chromatographically
- eliminating the risk of overheating the surface of leaves and flowers, which is a frequent cause of inhibition or abnormal development in the growth and flowering phase
- significant reduction of production costs, lower electricity bills (even by half compared to other LED luminaires)


Name L H W Weight
Horti CB+ 1200 1214 99 99 4,6 kg
Horti CB+ 900 912 99 99 3,2 kg
Horti CB+ 600 608 99 99 2,3 kg

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