LED luminaire for cannabis cultivation - Horti 2 CB

The Horti series luminaires are designed to illuminate greenhouse and indoor crops. Horti 2 CB has a specialized spectrum that is most commonly used in cannabis cultivation.Thanks to the use of a unique solution, modulated light source, Horti luminaires are maximally efficient and economical. Modulated lighting has a significant impact on the development and growth rate of plants.

Horti are luminaires designed for plant cultivation - in indoor conditions and for assimilation lighting under covers (greenhouse crops) - the pulsed lighting system supports both the vegetative phase (growth) and the generative phase (flowering / yielding).


The pulse method illuminate for plants

An innovation on a global scale and a unique phenomenon on the agro luminaire market is the use of Perfand LED's patented pulsed light beam technology. It provides a periodic reduction in light intensity, which allows for the regeneration of the photosynthetic apparatus, making it even better prepared to receive and effectively use light with a higher intensity. In this way, the 'energy management' of the plant becomes more efficient, closer to natural phenomena in nature, and the operating cost is significantly lower compared to LED luminaires from other manufacturers and traditional light sources (HPS). For a luminaire with a power of 200 W, luminous in a modulated 200 W / 20 W system, the average power consumption is only 100 W.


An additional advantage of such a system is passive cooling. Temperature has a great influence on the service life of LEDs and other electronic components. The use of an appropriate design of the luminaire and modulated lighting ensures the operation of components at the right temperature. Thanks to this, we do not need to use additional heat sinks and cooling fans, and the fitting has a uniform surface, resistant to contamination and easy to clean (GMP).


NamePowerLight beamProtection classIPIKAverage powerApplication
Horti 2 CB200 W / 20 W500 μmol / sI6504100 W Cannabis crops

Supply voltage 230 V AC / 50-60Hz
Ambient temperature range: +5°C... +40°C
Lifetime L90B50: above 70 000 h
Power factor: >0,99 (full power)
Installation: suspended
Housing: aluminium, PMMA
Cooling system: passive
Warranty: 5 years
Control: integrated in each luminaire. The control includes an impulse system: work with a power of 200 W x n seconds, work with the power 20 W x n seconds.