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Our offer of special use luminaires includes industrial luminaires with increased tightness and high resistance to mechanical damage or heat, antivandal luminaires and products with a exceptionally high CRI.

Luminaires with increased resistance to high temperatures are focused on the needs of steel mills, heating plants, boiler rooms, bakery, food and production industries. They guarantee stable work and energy efficiency.

Luminaires with a high color rendering index will work wherever light quality is crucial: in art galleries, hairdressers and dental salons, printing houses, paint shops and graphic workstations. High-quality LED luminaires ensure the professionalism of the workplace. Together with the original design of the luminaire, it makes a commercial or service facility more attractive to the customer.

The assortment also includes luminaires resistant to acts of vandalism – they have high impact resistance and they are difficult to open without specialized tools. Luminaires of this type are designed for prison cells, detention centers, correctional facilities, as well as underground passages and railway stations.

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