MALWA is a linear luminaire made of anodised aluminium and tempered glass. Suitable both for industrial facilities and for commercial buildings. Available with frosted shutter.

Exemplary applications:

Industrial, commercial and production facilities, communication routes.



Name Power Luminous flux Protection class IP IK CRI CCT Luminous efficiency
MALWA 55  7 975 lm I IP54 IK08 >80 4000K 145 lm/W
MALWA 110  15 950 lm I IP54 IK08 >80 4000K 145 lm/W

Different parameters on request. Luminous flux given for Ta = 25 ° C.

Installation: suspended / surface mounted
Supply voltage: 230V AC / 50-60Hz
Ambient temperature range: 0°C … +40°C
Lifetime L50B10: 50 000h
Power factor: >0,9
Housing: aluminium, tempered glass
Power Supply: DALI driver in option
Warranty: 5 years



External dimensions (mm) / Weight

Name L C H Weight
MALWA 55 610 76 106 2,1 kg
MALWA 110 1210 76 106 3,5 kg

Oprawa liniowa LED Malwa

Light beam curves

Light beam curves


Tolerance of luminous flux +/- 10%
Our products are constantly improved. We reserve the right to make technical changes to the luminaires without prior publication of this information.