MALWA is a linear luminaire made of anodised aluminium and tempered glass. Suitable both for industrial facilities and for commercial buildings. Available with frosted shutter.

Exemplary applications:

Industrial, commercial and production facilities, communication routes.



Name Power Luminous flux Protection class IP IK CRI CCT Luminous efficiency
MALWA 55  7 975 lm I IP54 IK08 >80 4000K 145 lm/W
MALWA 110  15 950 lm I IP54 IK08 >80 4000K 145 lm/W

Different parameters on request. Luminous flux given for Ta = 25 ° C.

Installation: suspended / surface mounted
Supply voltage: 230V AC / 50-60Hz
Ambient temperature range: 0°C … +40°C
Lifetime L50B10: 50 000h
Power factor: >0,9
Housing: aluminium, tempered glass
Power Supply: DALI driver in option
Warranty: 5 years


External dimensions (mm) / Weight

Name L C H W Weight
MALWA 55 610 76 106 104 2,1 kg
MALWA 110 1210 76 106 104 3,5 kg

Oprawa liniowa LED Malwa

Light beam curves

Light beam curves


Tolerance of luminous flux +/- 10%
Our products are constantly improved. We reserve the right to make technical changes to the luminaires without prior publication of this information.