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Design experience and technical knowledge have allowed us to create a luminaire with very high technical parameters, such as tightness, energy efficiency and light efficiency up to 201 lm / W.

The luminaire we produce is a combination of unique design with excellent technical parameters. The housing of the ANOR 2 luminaire is made of die-cast aluminum. Protection against damage is provided by a transparent hardened glass cover. The choice of materials as well as a well-thought-out design with a separate power supply compartment and a heat sink that effectively dissipates heat in a passive way make the luminaire work in difficult conditions, ensuring low failure rate. Additionally, taking into account the diverse needs of ANOR 2 customers, it can be configured by selecting: optics, power supply, control and the method of assembly.

ANOR 2 is an excellent choice for those entrepreneurs and contractors who value functionality, durability and quality of workmanship.


Exemplary applications:
Industry, warehouse, production and sports halls.
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