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The HORTIHorti 2 is a luminaire designed to illuminate greenhouse crops. The lamp has a lightweight, robust and slim form, thanks to its aluminium housing and PMMA shutter. The Horti 2 illumination uses a globally unique patented pulsed plant illumination system. Depending on the choice of spectrum, the luminaire can be used to illuminate different types of crops. The Horti 2 has been developed with the individual needs of the user in mind, so depending on your preference, you can choose a luminaire with different wattages. Available variants: 200 W, 160 W and 120 W.

Each luminaire has an individual control system. In addition, we have designed a group control system for larger crops. In addition, the controller has a function for individual power adjustment - 10 levels, each level allowing a power reduction / dimming of 10 %.


Exemplary applications:
Cultivation of plants
HORTI luminaires
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