STR N2 has unusually high efficiency and universal design. Two-chamber construction provides additional protection of electronic components and the use of latest generation LEDs and proprietary power systems guarantees high light efficiency.

STR N2 street luminaires received the ENEC certification.

Exemplary application:
Main roads, streets, parking lots, industrial and commercial areas, etc.

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ENEC certificate

The quality of STR N2 street luminaires is confirmed by the ENEC certificate. The ENEC mark is a registered mark of the European certification of electrical products which confirms the high standard and safety of the product as well as meeting the requirements of European standards.

Name Power [W] Luminous flux Protection class IP IK CRI CCT Luminous
efficiency up to:
STR N2 45 8 100 lm I / II IP66 IK09 >70 4000K 180 lm/W
STR N2 50 9 000 lm I / II IP66 IK09 >70 4000K 180 lm/W
STR N2 55 9 900 lm I / II IP66 IK09 >70 4000K 180 lm/W
STR N2 60 10 800 lm I / II IP66 IK09 >70 4000K 180 lm/W

Different parameters on request.

Installation: on pillars Ø60mm, on outriggers Ø60mm, angle adjustment 0° +/-15°, 90° +/-15°
Supply voltage: 230V AC / 50-60Hz
Ambient temperature range: -30°C … +40°C
Lifetime L90B10: 100 000h (Ta 25°C)
Power factor: >0,9
Surge protection: 10kV
Wind exposed surface: >0,033m2
Housing: aluminium, tempered glass
Warranty: 5 years


External dimensions (mm) / Weight

L W H Weight
630 290 125 6,7 kg



Light Beam Curves





  • Tolerance of luminous flux +/- 10%
  • Our products are constantly improved. We reserve the right to make technical changes to the luminaires without prior publication of this information.