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LED lights for plant growth are a solution to the problem of natural light scarcity in the winter season and even allows growing in greenhouses completely devoid of daylight. Further benefits of using LED lamps for crops include, among others, extending the production period - lighting gives the opportunity to grow plants throughout the whole year. This, in turn, increases the frequency of crop harvesting. It is also worth considering that constant light intensity guarantees predictability and stability of crops.

PERFAND LED has designed a series of Horti luminaires for greenhouse and specialized crops. All luminaires from the Horti LED plant growth lighting system provide white light, visually similar to natural with an increased stream of individual colors - a spectrum of different types of luminaires. The luminaires have a patented light modulation system making them even more economical compared to lamps made in traditional LED technology.

Pulse Flux Lighting - HORTI Greenhouse luminaires


First of all, you should consider the type of growing and the needs of plants, then adjust the best lighting conditions for them

  • PPF (photosynthetic photon flux; umol/s) or the luminous flux - the number of photons supplied by the luminaire.
    Standard greenhouse cultivation (e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers, roses, herbs) will require a smaller luminous flux than, for example, hemp cultivation. Our design department deals with the preparation of projects for greenhouses and specialized facilities, taking into account all the architectural factors of the object and the selected luminaire type. We provide the right amount of light (PPFD) for a given plant species.
  • Light spectrum
    The main feature bringing diversity in our range of greenhouse luminaires is the luminous flux and the spectrum. The spectrum of each luminaire is selected on the basis of scientific research and confirmed by tests in cooperation with the Institute of Plant Physiology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as in cooperation with crop owners in Poland, Finland and Sweden. Horti luminaires provide visually white light, safe for the eyes. However, they are enriched with colorful LED diodes that meet the needs of the specified plants.
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  • Technological innovation 

Horti luminaires have a pulse flux technology. Studies carried out so far suggest that this is the best possible way to reflect the mechanisms occurring with the natural development of the plant while increasing light absorption and minimizing stress. Studies conducted in cooperation with the Polish Academy of Sciences have proven that on tested plants, pulsed light patented by Perfand LED is more effective than LED constant light and light provided by HPS. In addition, the use of this solution maximizes the efficiency and economy of Horti luminaires.

  • Luminaire safety certification 

All luminaires manufactured in our factory in Trzebnica are ISO 9001 certified. Luminaires from the Horti series are also PZH certified and meet EU-GMP requirements.

  • Confirmation of the quality and lifetime of the luminaires

Each product from our offer is covered by a 5-year warranty. The R&D department and specialized laboratory facilities provide the best tested and innovative technological solutions confirmed by comprehensive research.

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Light is the most important factor in the life of all plants. It is necessary for self-feeding (autotrophic) species, whose existence depends on photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of producing organic compounds from inorganic matter with the participation of light, taking place in cells containing chlorophyll or bacteriochlorophyll. This is one of the most important biochemical changes on Earth. This process produces glucose and oxygen. Glucose, among others, nourishes the plant while oxygen is released into the atmosphere.

Light for plants
The relationship between plants and sunlight is obvious. Plants use solar radiation energy through photosynthesis for their own development. The growth process is called photomorphogenesis. Plants absorb primarily blue and red colors of the waves, while the green color is absorbed to a negligible extent, they mostly reflect it.

Photosynthesis LED grow light


Luminaires from the Horti series come in four models, customized for the specific type of plant or its stage of development. Lighting is constructed basing on the latest international research, and each new luminaire undergoes a series of tests at the Institute of Plant Physiology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The spectrum of luminaires is visually white, but enriched with different colors of LEDs (red, blue, purple, amber) depending on the needs of plants. In this way, luminaires for seedlings, plant growth, hemp crops and vertical greenhouses differ in spectrum and light intensity.

Cannabis Pulse Flux Lighting - Horti CB+

Red light has a significant effect on photomorphogenesis, the content of nutrients in the leaves, stem growth and is necessary for the synthesis of chlorophyll. Red also regulates the quality, quantity and duration of flowering.

Blue light regulates physiological and developmental processes, including chloroplast relocation, germination and elongation of the plant, which affects water transpiration and CO2 exchange. (1)

However, the impact of specific LED colors is not limited to growth and development properties. They also increase the content of antioxidants in plants (2, 3) and terpenes in cannabis.

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If lighting is too weak, photosynthesis cannot work efficiently and etiolation symptoms appear. However, excessive light generates oxygen radicals and causes photoinhibition. Both phenomena strongly limit primary productivity.

E. Darko, P. Heydarizadeh, B. Schoefs, M.R. Sabzalian Photosynthesis Under Artificial Light: The Shift in Primary and Secondary Metabolism

Different plant species require a different amount of light. Therefore, the height of the lamp above the plant and the density of the arrangement of luminaires are important.

Our design department deals with the preparation of lighting projects for greenhouses and specialized facilities.

We also offer the opportunity to test the luminaires before buying.

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We invite everyone interested in the possibilities offered by the innovative plant lighting system to cooperate with us.


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